Aircraft sheet metal repair

Specializing in minor and major sheet metal repairs to Cessna 180 and Cessna 185 aircraft. Repairing control surfaces to major gearbox repairs as well as STC modifications or service bulletins. 

Cessna 180 baggage door and more

- Removing a camera hatch in my 1953 Cessna 180 and installing a baggage door.

Cessna 182

- Spar carry through
Replacing a spar carry through because of corrision

Wing rebuild

Cessna 170, 180, 185 and others

Horizontal tip replacement

Replaced both left and right horizontal tips with Mc Farlane tips using 8 32 screws in place of rivets.


- Floor viewing window for swing loads
Airbus AS350 A Star installation of vertical viewing window.

Beech Sundowner baggage door

- B19 same as B23
This Beech is a B19, very much like a Sundowner, same airframe less a few windows and a baggage door so my customer wanted a baggage door so he got the parts from a junk yard and handed them to me in a bag. It turned out not to be to bad, I considered this or be a minor alteration because of the identical structure of the later models of Sundowners with the baggage door.

Fuselage repair

Sometimes you have to start with the bare basics.

Door handle replacement

How many time have you gone to open your door and the spring is broke, or the handle brakes?

Mooney wing tip

- Repair
The owner dented his tip after only an hour in the plane, just bought it, engine quit, landed on a road and all he got was a ding in the wing tip. 8 gallons of water found in the fuel, not a good pre buy.

Cessna 170B wing repair

This wing hit a duck, most of the time we will pound out the dent and add the Sportsman cuff, spend just as much and you will get better performance but seeing how I inherited the job it was a little to late for that.

Horizontal skin replacement

This is no easy job and can take an easy 35 hours of labor, but in the end it is as good as new. Horizontals can get a lot of beating and after 60 years they can look it to.