STC Modifications

We have extensive experience with STC Modifications (Supplamental Type Certficate) to the Cessna 180/185, and other aircraft.  We have successfully completed modifications such as LP Arrow 1 piece windshield, P PONK O-470-50 Engine installation, Lake Vue Jump seat, Atlee Dodge battery forward, and many more. 

All modifications are done in accordance with manufactures instructions.

Lake Vue Jump Seat

Atlee Dodge Battery Forward

LP Aero one piece windshield

- LP Aero one piece windshield

Replaceable Horizontal leading edge STC for Cessna 180, Cessna 185 and Cessna 182

 Replaceable leading edge for Cessna 100 series aircraft

P Ponk O470-50

- P Ponk O470-50
 Complete installation of P Ponk O470-50.